Pipeline Flow Stopping

Line Stopping allows works to be undertaken on water and gas mains without interruption to customer supply. Deploying stopper and bypass system, the rig set-up allows for sections of pipelines to be made dry (or gasless) allowing safe repair or replacement of the existing network.

Benefits of Line Stopping and Hot-Tapping

  • Eliminates cut-ins.
  • Maintains pipeline integrity.
  • No disruption of supply to consumers.
  • Eliminates potential back flow and contamination.
  • No loss of fire protection.
  • No drainage required.
  • No water loss.
  • Immediate connection – no after hours shutdowns.
  • no discolouration of water supply or re-chlorination required.


Line Stopping

Saltire Infrastructure utilises the Sarco Stopper line stopping machine for pipeline intervention works, which has been approved for use on Water Corporation assets and has been used extensively in the past 2 years within the Perth Metropolitan Region and in varying regional locations.

Line stopping allows for the installation of new connections, valves or hydrants on the existing pipelines.


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